Imagine An App Where You Could Instantly Message People That Are Using The Same Wifi Connection

GeoConnect Coffee Shop Vision How many times have you sat in a coffee shop with people all around you without talking to one of them? We are so plugged into our phone, our computer, or our thoughts that we don’t look up long enough to interact with those closest to us. We usually [...]

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GeoConnect Is The Perfect Christmas App For Your iOS or Android

GeoConnect is the Perfect Christmas App Christmas is almost here! It’s the holiday season which means it’s a time for connecting, planning festivities, shopping, decorating and spending time with your loved ones and community. Are you looking for an app to help you with all of these things? GeoConnect is a location-based app [...]

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Social Apps Are Decreasing The Depth Of Our Relationships

Social Apps are all about connecting people to a larger network, sharing information and bridging long distances. However, as we become more connected over larger geographical distances, we tend to loose depth. So while the breadth of our relationships expand, we lose meaningful, high quality interactions. We are able to have 100’s of exchanges a [...]

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A New Android & Apple App For College Students

Meet Nearby College Students and See What’s Happening Around Campus Social media in all of its forms has definitely become an integral part of life for college students. They use apps for connecting with other college students, finding classes, paying for financial aid, and so much more. Millennial’s want convenience, speed and instant gratification. Students [...]

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GeoConnect – A New Location Based App

GeoConnect is for Anyone Craving a Connection to Their Local Environment.   GeoConnect is committed to Geographically Connecting you to the People, Places and Things that you want to be Connected To...Whether You Want to Find Out What is going on Near You or Connect to More People in Your Local Community. Here [...]

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