GeoConnect is the Perfect Christmas App

GeoConnect is the Perfect Christmas App

Christmas is almost here! It’s the holiday season which means it’s a time for connecting, planning festivities, shopping, decorating and spending time with your loved ones and community. Are you looking for an app to help you with all of these things? GeoConnect is a location-based app that shows you who and what is closest to your current location. Users are posting daily about holiday ideas, festivities, shopping deals, and favorite local spots. Here are just a few things you could use GeoConnect for this holiday season!


Planning A Christmas Party?

You can setup a private or public event group where you can invite family, friends and other GeoConnect users that are in your community.


Looking for Holiday Ideas, Deals or Events?

Discover what’s going on around you. Posts are sorted by relative distance from your current location. Users are posting new ideas, places and events every day in your local city!


Share your Ideas, Events or Fun Local Spots!

Start connecting with your community this holiday season! Share local experiences & events to help your community and meet other local GeoConnect Users.


Setup a Fun Chat Group With Your Family!

GeoConnect users on the same WiFi network can privately chat, create events, and share posts via this adhoc group. It’s a fun way to communicate and stay connected within the home where most are plugged into their mobile devices throughout the day.

Wishing You And Yours A Wonderful Holiday Season!

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