GeoConnect is for Anyone Craving a Connection to Their Local Environment.


GeoConnect is committed to Geographically Connecting you to the People, Places and Things that you want to be Connected To…Whether You Want to Find Out What is going on Near You or Connect to More People in Your Local Community.

Here are just a few examples of people who love our app!

  • People who are new to a city
  • College Students
  • Community/Group Leaders
  • Event Participants and Coordinators
  • Working Professionals
  • Trendsetters & Innovators

GeoConnect helps you see what’s happening and meet new people nearby. Use GeoConnect to easily discover what’s happening closest to you, chat with new friends, share your local experiences, and find new places, groups & events nearby.

Discover what’s going on around you. Home Feed Posts can be sorted by relative distance from your current location, latest posts, popular posts, or loved posts.

Share your local experiences, interests & events to build your status with other GeoConnect Users.

Find & Create Groups
Find, participate, and create groups by current location. Groups that you create can be public or private and allow participants to chat, create events, and upload photos/videos. You can also see if there are groups nearby that you can join!

Meet, Chat, Friend
Meeting new people can be awkward and intimidating…Use the GeoConnect App to initiate meeting other users that are nearby, sorted by relative distance from your current location. Chat, view their profile, and make some new lifelong friends that share similar interests nearby.

Wifi Connections
See what’s happening on your WiFi network. GeoConnect users on the same WiFi network can privately chat, create events, and share posts via this adhoc group.

Control Your Privacy
It is important that you feel comfortable using GeoConnect. You are never sharing your exact location with anyone. If you choose to share your location you are sharing your relative distance to other GeoConnect users, city, and state. You can choose to not use your current location by choosing “Privacy Island”. Your experience will be limited but you can still benefit from the app by looking at what is happening in the city you choose to explore.