GeoConnect Coffee Shop Vision

GeoConnect Coffee Shop Vision

How many times have you sat in a coffee shop with people all around you without talking to one of them? We are so plugged into our phone, our computer, or our thoughts that we don’t look up long enough to interact with those closest to us. We usually want to get in and get out. Very rarely anymore do we take the time to meet new people around us and just have a chat. We might have a lot of friends on Facebook, or followers on Instagram but how many new connections are we forming with the people around us?


Our society is becoming lonelier and lonelier as we place more importance on our online relationships, rather than our in-person relationships. Social Apps are becoming the place we go to interact with others, rather than the vehicle we use to meet other people. It is proven that we live longer, happier lives if we have high quality relationships that are in close proximity to us. The kinds of relationships that can laugh with you, celebrate your successes, support you during difficult times and give you a hug when you need it.


GeoConnect is determined to bring you closer to those around you using the very vehicle that has separated us. What if you could walk into a coffee shop, connect to the wifi, and instantly chat with others that are using the same wifi? You could see if the cute girl, or guy working on his computer, or woman reading a book you like wants to join you. You could meet new friends, new colleagues, and new dating prospects without having to risk walking over to their table an introducing yourself.


GeoConnect wants to make it a little easier, and a little less risky to connect with people around you so that you can begin to forge more in-person relationships in your life. Using your wifi connection is only one way we are trying to accomplish this vision. If you want to learn more please visit our homepage or download the app and start connecting today!


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