Social Apps Effect on RelationshipsSocial Apps are all about connecting people to a larger network, sharing information and bridging long distances. However, as we become more connected over larger geographical distances, we tend to loose depth. So while the breadth of our relationships expand, we lose meaningful, high quality interactions. We are able to have 100’s of exchanges a day where it is easy to control how we are perceived, but all of this communication is full of distraction. As humans, we crave connection and many of today’s social apps feed that desire, yet never fully satisfy it. We now have the means to contact an unlimited amount of people through technology and yet we are arguably lonelier than ever before. GeoConnect, (based out of Salt Lake City, Utah) strives to reverse this trend and aims to connect users in a more meaningful way that feels ‘real’. The new app hopes to demonstrate that technology can actually help us to form deeper connections within our local environment.

As we become more connected through social apps, we tend to loose depth

A 2014 study—“The iPhone Effect: The Quality of In-Person Social Interactions in the Presence of Mobile Devices”—looked at the effects that phones have in face-to-face interactions. The study pointed out that it is becoming increasingly rare to interact with someone without their phone disconnecting them from you. We are too busy connecting and sharing with our virtual network rather than the person sitting next to us or soaking in the view in front of us. They observed that when couples conversed without a phone present; their conversations resulted in greater empathy and connection.

“The connections we have or think we have, are like a kind of parody of human connection. If you have a crisis in your life, you’ll notice something. It won’t be your Twitter followers who come to sit with you. It won’t be your Facebook friends who help you turn it round. It’ll be your flesh and blood friends who you have deep and nuanced and textured, face-to-face relationships with…”Johann Hari, Ted Talk

Social Apps have become an addiction for habitual users

Another argument is that social apps have become an addiction for habitual users. The instant gratification that addicts receive from drugs, or alcohol can be seen in consistent users when they pick up their phone. Addiction overall is perhaps a lack of deep connection to your environment, friends and family. It’s an isolated behavior. Your phone can be an easy out in uncomfortable situations such as silence in a conversation, insecure moments, challenging human communications, approaching someone you are interested in, truly enjoying a sunset for yourself, fixing issues in a relationship, etc. All of these “triggers” that would normally push you to move past your fears, deepen your relationships, or find joy in the moment, now cause most of us to pick up our phone.

GeoConnect aims to strengthen relationships

GeoConnect aims to connect users in a more meaningful way that feels ‘real’. The new app was created to help us form deeper connections with our local environment and community. How many people have 100’s of friends on Facebook, but not one they can count on within 10 miles? GeoConnect understands how important face-to-face interactions are, while at the same time understanding our social situation where people feel more comfortable connecting through technology first. People can initially use the app to see what is going on closest to them, or see who is nearby, and then immediately join a group, or meet up with someone, or go somewhere they found through the app vs. staying on the app to engage socially. It is a starting point, not the destination.

It’s not about growing your friend list,  it’s about getting out there!

The goal of the GeoConnect Social App is to comfortably connect you to your local environment through technology in hopes that it leads you to deeper, in-person interactions with your local environment and local community, nearby friends, or possibly facilitate a new relationship. It’s not about growing your friend list, or expanding the number of people who favorite your posts, it’s about exploring what is happening around you and then getting you out there! It keeps you informed about what is going on around you in your local community and encourages you to try new things and meet new people that hopefully can become mutually beneficial relationships for you. Our social environment profoundly shapes us and is paramount to our well being to strengthen our social bonds. GeoConnect’s goal is to connect you to the people, places, and things going on in your local footprint (while at home or traveling) so you can get the best face-to-face experiences out of what life has to offer. Be sure to download the app today!